Monday:  Care for plugs that were planted.  Work on water system.

Tuesday:  Clean up day in greenhouse

Wednesday:  Prepare for plugs

Thursday:  Plant plugs

Friday:  Plant plugs

Plans for January 2-6

Monday- Friday:  This will be a week of preparation in the greenhouse.  We will scrub floors water plants organize containers and whatever is necessary to prepare for plants to get here in feb.


Class:   Horticulture

Week:  11

Unit:  Plant Propogation Part 1  


Warm Up-

Monday- Motivation Monday


Tuesday- Sub

Wednesday- Sub

Thursday-  Explain what propagation is in 3 sentences or more.

Friday-  Explain the propagation process for tubers.


Monday-  I will distribute notes sheets and vocab sheet.  We will then watch the first icev videos and have a class discussion following the video

Tuesday- New Horizons

Wednesday- New Horizons

Thursday-  We will review for a quick vocabulary quiz and then watch the second part of the icev video followed by a class discussion

Friday-  Students will be instructed on their class project and then will be given the class to work on their project.   


Monday-  Create a vocab foldable and staple it into your spiral when you are complete.

Tuesday- New Horizons

Wednesday-  New Horizons

Thursday-  Vocab Quiz and Propagation Worksheet

Friday-  Better Propagation Directions: 1. Choose a plant which can be propagated both by vegetative propagation and by seed. 2. Propagate the plant using both methods. 3. Measure and record the growth every day. 4. Create a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation detailing your results. The presentation should be at least 10 slides in length and include graphics, charts and photographs as well as any additional information your instructor deems necessary. 5. Present your findings to the class



Class:  Horticulture

Week: 9

Unit:  Identifying flower parts

TEKS: (2)  The student develops technical skills associated with the management and production of horticultural plants. The student is expected to:

(A)  classify horticultural plants based on physiology for taxonomic or other classifications;

Warm Up-
Monday-  Motivation Monday
Tuesday-  Draw an example of perfect flower.
Wednesday-  Draw an example of female flower
Thursday-  Draw an example of a male flower
Friday-  TED TALK
Monday-  We will discuss the differences between a male and female flower and begin our discussion on how to identify each of these parts.  
Tuesday-  We will continue to discuss each of the identifying factors and prepare for an identification quiz on Wednesday.
Wednesday-  After students can label the parts we will discuss the role of each of those parts.  
Thursday-  Discuss the play dough lab activity.
Friday-  Test review
Monday-  Students will complete a worksheet that helps them identify each of the parts.
Tuesday-  Worksheet without the answers.
Wednesday-  ID quiz
Thursday-  Play dough lab activity
Friday-  Test review



Class: Horticulture

Week: 7

Unit: Parts of a Flower


Warm Up-
Monday-  Do research on how to keep leaves fresh in a leaf collection
Tuesday-  Write one paragraph explaining monocots
Wednesday-  Writing down examples of different plants that represent each leaf.  Use google if necessary.
Thursday-  Sub
Friday-  Write down an outline that will explain what you will talk about in your presentations.  
Monday-  Sub (New Horizons)
Tuesday-  We will discuss the different types of leaves and explain the leaf collection project.
Wednesday-  Today will be a day for going outside and collecting leaves for our leaf collection.
Thursday-  Sub (New Horizons)
Friday-  Leaf Collection project presentations
Monday-  New Horizons
Tuesday-  Worksheet where students will be asked to identify the different leaf shapes
Wednesday-  Leaf Collection
Thursday-  New Horizons
Friday-  Leaf Collection Presentations



Warm Up (5 minutes)
Monday- List one medicine that you know a plant is used for medical purposes.  
Tuesday-  Describe 3 different types of vascular plants.
Wednesday-  Sub
Thursday-  Answer 3 questions on the board.
Friday-  Make a list of all of the assignments that you need to complete for the week.  
Instruction: (15 minutes)
Monday-  Using icev scientific nomenclature of plants slides have students take notes in their journals over slides 14-26.  
Tuesday-  Discuss slides 27-39.  Students will need to take notes in their journals.
Wednesday-  Sub
Thursday-  We will review the slides 1-39 and review for a quiz at the end of class.  Make sure there is no confusion on any of these slides.  
Friday-  If students have not complete plant uses, and vascular vs non vascular they will have this day to complete their work.  


Monday-  We will begin our scientific classification and nomenclature of plants.  We will start by passing out the vocab and creating a vocabulary study sheet.  They will just need to copy the vocabulary words into their journal and study those words when they are finished .



We will start with a vocabulary quiz.


Show slides 1 to 13 of the Scientific Classification & Nomenclature of Plants


– Importance of Plants segment. Distribute the Plant Uses and A World Without Plants Activities and allow the rest of the class to complete the Activities. Hand out the Effects of Invasive Plants Project and instruct students this will be due during Class 9.


Wednesday-  Show slides 14 to 26 of the Scientific Classification & Nomenclature of Plants – Importance of Plants segment. Then distribute the Assessment and have students complete it. Allow the remainder of the class for students to work on the Effects of Invasive Plants Project.


Thursday-Show slides 27-39 of the scientific classification and nomenclature of plants segment.  Distribute the vascular vs. non-vascular plant activity and allow the remainder of class to work on the activity.  


Friday-  Catch up on all of the work from this week.  When students  have finished with that they will work on the effects of invasive plants activity.  



Monday- Wednesday


Objectives- Students will work on their research projects.


Students will be given this class time to prepare for their research project presentations.  They will need to be working quietly and alone in order to keep their in class work time.


Thursday and Friday

Objectives-  Students will present their research projects.  


Students will present their final research projects.  This will be counted as a test grade and will be used as their unit test.  




Objectives-  Students will be able to identify the vocabulary with up to 80% accuracy


We will quickly review for a vocabulary quiz by playing grudgeball and then take a vocabulary quiz.  


Tuesday- Wednesday


Objectives-  The students will be given information answering the question, “What is Horticulture?”


We will go over the resources covering What is Horticulture giving students more information on how to define this class.  They will be asked to take notes over this information by creating a chart that defines each of the types of horticulture and places them into the groups they belong.  




Objectives- Students will identify each of the types of Horticulture


I will put up definitions of the types of horticulture around the room.  The students will be given 11 sticky notes that they will write the name of each type of horticulture on.  When they are told to stand up students will go around the room placing their sticky note on the type horticulture they believe it is.  




Objectives-Students will be given information on their research project.


This day will be used to explain their first research project.  Each student will be given a type of horticulture to research where they will create a document similar to a poster describing this.  They will be given a rubric to go off of.